We help businesses embed financing options into their products


With a single API integration, your customers will have access to our network of 100+ lenders for personalised financial services in Vietnam, Brazil, Spain, Mexico and Poland.



banks & lenders in our network



businesses on our platform


+ million

analysed customer profiles

FIIZY for businesses

Maximize your customer conversion rates

Financing solution for every customer

Easy to integrate

Frictionless onboarding and exceptional customer experience

Financing solution for every customer


FIIZY for lenders

Efficient access to large customer pool

Efficient customer acquisition, large product suite

Adaptive and secure platform, access with a single API integration

Full onboarding and quality data for risk assessment

How it works

Our platform is integrated into a wide network of lenders who cover the full credit risk spectrum and offer a broad-ranging suite of products. We use machine learning to analyse the data that we automatically collect from lenders, third parties and customers themselves to predict the most suitable offers. By combining technology, comprehensive lending supply and seamless checkout experience, Fiizy helps businesses to offer the best financing options to their customers while approving 80%+ of applications.

Product features

Fiizy’s white-label SaaS financing platform will deliver better solutions and increase the conversion rates for your customers.
All it takes is a single API integration, with our experienced team supporting you every step on the way.

Seamless technology that removes complexity through a single API integration
Frictionless onboarding process
Real-time, thorough data validation and enrichment
Large network of financial institutions to increase competition and customer conversion

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