FIIZY is a financing app that helps you receive the money you need right now. Our innovative technology connects customers looking for financing with creditors ready to offer it in real time. Financing made easy means you can buy what you need right now, with the best credit choices on the market. Easily.

Shop online or in store. FIIZY gives you access to immediate financing via a state-of-the-art financing application. We have partnered with the leading creditors and financial institutions to offer you the credit you require. You choose your own terms and we find you the best credit options available.

FIIZY started in 2011 as a loan marketplace in Spain.

We have since grown into an international financing marketplace; operating in the US, Spain, Poland, Argentina, Mexico and Peru with more markets to come.


Financing made easy. We take the friction out of financing. The process of financing a need should be fast and easy — FIIZY makes sure it is!

Through our financing platform and marketplace customers get the best offers on the market tailored to their needs, 24/7, an instant decision, transparent and with no fees.


FIIZY is a leading global financing marketplace and the preferred choice when it comes to financing.

We give customers access to tailor-made financing offers for their particular situation covering the majority of the banks and lenders on the market. Customers get the best terms, fastest decisions and easiest process available.

We achieve this by being a trustworthy partner to the banks and lenders and making a commitment to customer quality by using the cutting edge of technology to identify, collect data, score and process the financing application. All of this in a fraud-free, viable, legal and regulatory framework.


Involved and inspired

FIIZY is more than a place to work at and we are doing more than just a job, we’re revolutionising financing.

We are all one big team with a common goal — building and growing FIIZY to create a fairer financial landscape for all of us.

We use our drive and commitment to engage and inspire others.


We are always out in the market observing, listening and learning. We take a very customer-centric approach in our decisions and development.

We are innovators by heart, so we are already solving the questions our customer have yet to ask.

We hire talents and empower them

Finding talent is just the fist step, providing an open and honest environment where everyone’s skills are genuinely appreciated and empowered, is how the magic happens.

At FIIZY extraordinary effort creates extraordinary opportunities.

Open and supporting

We recognise that passion and personality matter. We respect the differences inside our team and encourage everyone to be genuine.

We as individuals are open, honest, and ethical, creating an inspiring environment where trying out new approaches is encouraged and failure is accepted and learned from.

We value teamwork over individual effort and expect a great amount of accountability — count on your team and let your team count on you, always.

We have a no drama culture.

Move fast, focus on impact

By focusing on results we encourage people to see opportunities, simplify problems and just go. We are entrepreneurial and thus take risks, experiment and innovate while keeping a long-term perspective.

Ownership goes hand-in-hand with empowerment and plays a key role at FIIZY. We own the initiative in our tasks, problems and projects. We act like owners. We take responsibility, are not afraid to decide and take action, are quick to reassess and change course.